Product Review: Mineral Fusion Organic Eye Liner

Product Review: Mineral Fusion Organic Eye Liner


I am a bona fide eye liner lover! [Tweet “There’s something about lining the eyes that creates striking definition of the shape and color of the eyes.”]

Defining the eyes draws people close. The mystery of the eyes is intensified with the proper eye makeup.

When I first started wearing eyeliner, I used any old pencil that I could find at the local convenient store – totally ignorant to the toxins that could possibly be laced in the product.

Now that I’m a hip organic girl (self-awarded) I’ve discovered the eye pencils by Mineral Fusion. They received a low toxin rating on the Skin Deep database (score of 1) so that was incentive enough for me to give it a try.


Here are some of the things that made it a keeper:

1. I love that it goes on smoothly! I never feel like I have to go back over it several times before the color is clearly visible. I remember as a child I watched my sister take a lighter and burn her liner at each use just to get it to go on smooth, thick, and dark. Those days are over and this liner is living proof.

2. I’ve never had a problem with it smearing. This liner, my friends, has staying power!

3. I have sensitive skin so I definitely noticed that it hasn’t caused any skin or eye irritation.

4. If it’s paraben free – then it’s for me! The ingredients are ultra-important to me so I was happy to discover this hypo-allergenic liner is also made with jojoba oil and vitamin e.

So there you have it, Ladies! If you are in the market for a new non-toxic eye liner, I would definitely give Mineral Fusion a try. The color I use is black but you can also find it in dark brown, light brown, grey and navy blue. You can purchase them on the Mineral Fusion website or you can find them conveniently located at your nearest Whole Foods Market.

Are you using eye liners by Mineral Fusion? Leave us a comment and give us your feedback!

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